Get Outdoors, Bryan-College Station Style

Our Favorite Places to Enjoy This Beautiful Weather in Bryan-College Station One of the best things about buying a new home in Bryan-College Station is the area’s many opportunities to get outdoors and be active. This is the perfect time of year to explore some of the natural treasures in our area and take advantage… Read more »

Announcing The Design Studio by RNL Homes

We’re so excited about the completion of The Design Studio at RNL Homes, and you’ll love how much easier it will be to make all the selections for your new home in Bryan-College Station. We are thrilled to give you a preview so you can look forward to visiting this beautiful, inspirational space when building… Read more »

Buying New Homes in Bryan-College Station

Shop from Your Home, or Ours Right now, many people who want to buy a new home Bryan-College Station are looking for ways to do so without face-to-face interaction with staff. We’ve come up with two new ways you can tour our stunning homes and get a feel for our commitment to quality construction and… Read more »

Our community’s safety and well being: our #1 priority

RNL’s response to COVID-19 We [At RNL Homes] consider the safety and well-being of our homeowners, team members, and trade/vendor partners a number one priority. Given the current COVID-19 situation, we have temporarily closed our Model Home in Oakmont and Design Studio. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow the guidance of state… Read more »

A Look Back at 2019

– It was an exciting year for RNL Homes – As we start a new year and new decade, all of us at RNL Homes wanted to take a moment to reflect on the milestones we achieved in 2019. It was another good year to be a builder of new homes Bryan/College Station – thanks… Read more »

The Holidays are All About Family

So is RNL Homes Let’s be honest – this time of year can be stressful. There are so many events to attend, lists to make, gifts to buy. It can be overwhelming. So we invite you to step back, take a deep breath, and take a moment to reflect on what the holidays are really… Read more »

Pets are Family Members, Too!

How to Make Moving Easier for You and Your Pet Moving into a new RNL Home? It’s an exciting time – but It can be stressful, as well. If moving is stressful for you, just imagine how it feels for your pets, who don’t understand what’s happening or why. Pets can definitely pick up on… Read more »

Aggies vs. Longhorns

What’s the history behind the Texas A&M/UT football rivalry? Over 100 years of football Today’s blog takes a little break from homebuilding and focuses instead on a topic near and dear to the hearts of most Texans: football! Choosing a new home in Bryan/College Station means hearing about the long and intense competition between Texas… Read more »

5 of Today’s Top Home Design Trends

What are people asking for in their new Bryan-College Station new home? Everyone who purchases a new home from RNL Homes meets with Design Specialist Nora Reyna to discuss and choose colors, floors, cabinets and more for their new home in Bryan-College Station.  Every home RNL Homes builds is unique – tailored to each customer’s… Read more »

Bryan/College Station by the Numbers

There’s an old saying, “Numbers don’t lie.” We thought we’d pass along a few interesting statistics about the place we call home. This is a great time to build a new home. According to, the average price for new homes in Bryan-College Station increased by about $4,000 in just the past month. Building a… Read more »

How to choose the right community in Bryan College Station

When building new homes in Bryan-College Station, the home’s location is just as important as the floor plan and interior finishes. If you have the perfect RNL Home, but it’s too far from work – or the community just isn’t the right fit – you won’t be happy. Here are some questions to answer when… Read more »

The Personal Touch Makes All the Difference

When Helen and Fred Perrenot retired almost a year ago, they started searching for new homes in Bryan/College Station. “We looked at several homes and neighborhoods,” Helen explains. “We happened to see an RNL Home that was in the process of being built, and just went, ‘Wow!’” The next step in building their new Bryan/College… Read more »

You Couldn’t Ask for Any Better than RNL Homes

Easiest homebuilding process ever About 2 years ago, Pat and Clyde Craigen were searching for a new home in Bryan/College Station. At the time, the Craigens were living in Alabama but were ready to move back to Texas to be closer to family. “We looked at both resale and new homes in Bryan/College Station,” Pat… Read more »

Build Your Home Today with an Eye toward Tomorrow

– Building for Longevity – No one likes to think about getting older. But the facts are that people are living longer – and the growth of the senior population is outpacing that of other age groups. Experts who specialize in housing and health encourage homebuyers in their 50s and 60s to incorporate features into… Read more »

Timeless AND Trendy – Yes, you can have both!

Insights from our design expert, Nora Reyna Buying a new home in Bryan-College Station is like unveiling a blank canvas on which you can paint your family’s story. And while that’s an exciting thought, it can feel overwhelming for many homebuyers. You want to make sure it’s just right, and that it accurately reflects your… Read more »

Looking back, looking ahead

2018 was a wonderful year! And 2019 looks to be even better. The end of the year is traditionally a time for reflection, as well as an opportunity to set goals for the year ahead. 2018 was an exciting year for all of us at RNL Homes, and we want to share a few of… Read more »

What to Expect When Building Your New Home in Bryan-College Station

A look inside RNL Homes’ process All of us at RNL Homes really love what we do, and that includes answering questions and guiding people through the home building process. One of the first questions we’re usually asked is: What’s the home building process like? In our experience, most people aren’t really asking only about the construction of the home. What… Read more »

We’re thankful for all of you.

This holiday season is a reminder for all of us to take a moment to remember and acknowledge the things and people we’re most thankful for. Over the past year, RNL Homes has had the opportunity to work with so many families, helping bring to life their vision for the perfect new home in Bryan/College… Read more »

You Own a Home, and Want to Build?

Here’s what you should know!  You’ve decided to build a new home in Bryan/College Station, and you can’t wait to get started. We completely understand! And if you’re like many of our customers, you already own a home. If that’s the case, you probably have questions about how and when to sell your existing home…. Read more »

It’s Time for a Parade!

The Greater Brazos Valley Builders Association Parade of Homes™ October 20th and 21st, 2018 Saturday 10am – 5pm & Sunday Noon – 5pm Looking for a new home in Bryan/College Station? Here’s a fantastic opportunity to tour dozens of beautiful new homes, including two entries from RNL Homes. The Greater Brazos Valley Builders Association Fall… Read more »

Upscale College Station Communities

Buying a New Home in College Station, TX? You may have noticed that RNL Homes doesn’t build new homes in just one “type” of community in Bryan/College Station. We look for locations that will appeal to a variety of home buyers. We build in new neighborhoods, established neighborhoods, neighborhoods that offer the convenience of smaller… Read more »

How RNL Homes Helps You Beat the Heat

When you purchase a new home in Bryan/College Station from RNL Homes, we’ll help you beat the heat and keep your energy costs down. These are just a few of the energy saving products and best practices we put in place in the construction of every home we build. Radiant Barrier LP Tech Shield Roof… Read more »