The Latest Architectural and Interior Design Trends for New Bryan-College Station Homes

See what’s popular in 2021!

At RNL Homes, we make a point of designing homes that are both modern and timeless, inside and out. We want you to be happy in your new Bryan-College Station home for many years to come, with style that feels fresh but won’t seem dated a few years down the road.

One of the reasons people love working with RNL Homes is the opportunity to work with our in-house design professional, Nora Reyna. Creating stunning homes that perfectly reflect our customers’ vision is Nora’s passion, and it’s where she excels. Know that whatever style or trend you prefer, Nora can make it work for you – beautifully.

And when it comes to the look of your home’s exterior – what we refer to the elevation – we’re on top of that as well. We continuously evaluate and modify our offerings to stay current with the latest styles.

Now, let’s take a look at what’s trending this year for new homes Bryan-College Station.

  1. Layers and textures

If we could describe the design trends of the past several years in two words, they would have to be clean and minimal. If you watched any of the design programs on television, or browsed magazines for ideas, you saw clean lines and minimal details.

In 2021, people are asking for what we’d describe as layers and textures. We’re also seeing requests for more integration between architectural and interior design. For example, rather than purchasing a bookcase for a particular room, customers are asking us for built-in bookcases. Built-in millwork adds personality, texture and function to a new home and eliminates the need to purchase certain items that may not complement the home’s design.

  1. Color!

Another theme you probably noticed when watching design or renovation programs is that interior walls were almost inevitably painted some shade of gray. In 2021, it’s all about color! With people spending so much time indoors last year, it’s only natural they want to brighten up their space and make it feel lively and fun.

Gray is probably here to stay, in all its shades and saturations, but the good news is that gray is an excellent backdrop for pops of bright colors that will give your new home energy and personality.

  1. Cooking up Change in the Kitchen

We agree, there’s just something about a white kitchen. But from a practical perspective, keeping a white kitchen looking clean can be a challenge and an almost never-ending job. They show absolutely everything and can go from looking pristine to looking a little dirty in a matter of minutes.

This could be one reason we’re seeing customers ask to incorporate color in the kitchen. From color on the cabinets to faux finishes to combining color and wood in kitchen cabinets, many people are moving away from all white kitchens.

  1. Lighting That’s Anything but Basic

Light fixtures and chandeliers have come a long way from traditional globe fixtures. Now light fixtures are more like works of art, carefully chosen to accentuate a particular space or room.

And of course our in-house design professional Nora is way ahead of this trend. When you meet with her in Bryan-College Station’s one-stop design studio, she can help you choose the perfect light fixtures for your new home. Don’t see what you had in mind? No problem! Nora has relationships with dozens of vendors and can source what you’re envisioning.

When you choose RNL Homes to build your new Bryan-College Station home, three private visits to our beautiful design studio are included. This is where you’ll choose cabinets, countertops, kitchen and bath fixtures, and of course light fixtures. Nora will be there to help you every step of the way! Best of all, everything is on display, so you can get a real sense of how different colors and fixtures will work together.

  1. Connections to Nature

Texans have always loved indoor/outdoor living. Every RNL Homes floor plan includes a large covered patio, and many can accommodate beautiful outdoor kitchens – so we’re ahead of the game with this trend as well.

However, in 2021, we’re noticing that people want to be able to see a beautiful backyard with lots of trees under a bright blue sky. That calls for floor-to-ceiling glass in order to get full appreciation for the beauty and tranquility of nature.

In Texas, however, a lot of glass means a lot of sunlight in the home which can bump up interior temperatures in the summertime. Not with RNL homes! Our homes feature low-E glazing block radiant heat from the sun and UV rays. They are specifically designed to reject the suns’ heat without affecting the view. These windows keep heat out in the summer and the warm air in the winter.

  1. Long-term planning

You’ve probably heard the term “forever home.” We’re noticing that more and more of our clients are looking for homes where they can comfortably stay – if not forever – for many, many years. More customers are looking for one-story homes, and homes that can easily accommodate accessibility features down the road.

RNL Homes has several one-story floor plans and designs that are specifically created for multi-generational families. Our newest plan, the Andrea, has four bedrooms – including a bedroom with its own garage and bath, and a semi-private entrance through the utility room. You also have the option to add a “casita” that’s perfect as an in-law suite, or for hosting friends or family to stay on gameday weekends!

Let RNL help you find the right community

RNL Homes carefully researches factors like location, schools, and future development plans (such as nearby retail and services) when choosing where to build new homes in Bryan-College Station. We’re currently building in four desirable Bryan-College Station communities, and our home prices start in the $360s.

RNL Homes builds in these communities:

  • Austin’s Colony, from the $360s.
  • Greenbrier, from the $340s.
  • Mission Ranch, from the $440s.
  • Oakmont, from the $360s.

Changes in Our Buying Process

Interest in new homes has exploded everywhere, and the demand for new homes Bryan-College Station is no exception. In order to continue to offer the exceptional customer service we’re known for, as well as complete transparency in pricing and every step of the building process, we’ve made some changes to how our homes are sold.

  • Model home viewings are now by appointment only Monday through Wednesday and open to the public Thursday – Sunday. To schedule an appointment, call us at 979-977-5775 or email
  • A prequalification lender from a lender is needed to schedule your visit. Please email it to
  • We’re limiting pre-sales of our new homes to the number we can build with our signature standards of quality.
  • Pricing for your home with be finalized 60 days prior to construction beginning.

Read more about the changes we’ve made to our buying process, and the reasons we’ve made them, in this blog. We’d be honored to be build your new Bryan-College Station home!