5 of Today’s Top Home Design Trends

What are people asking for in their new Bryan-College Station new home? Everyone who purchases a new home from RNL Homes meets with Design Specialist Nora Reyna to discuss and choose colors, floors, cabinets and more for their new home in Bryan-College Station.

 Every home RNL Homes builds is unique – tailored to each customer’s personality, lifestyle, and preferences. Still, Nora says she’s definitely seeing some themes and trends in what customers are asking for. Here are five common trends among customers who are building homes in Bryan-College Station.

  • Modern farmhouse style.

Nora says she frequently gets requests for the modern farmhouse style made popular by HGTV shows like Fixer Upper. “In the past, the majority of our homes were built with brick or stone exteriors,” Nora says. “Now we do a lot more homes with Hardie board exteriors.” As far as the interiors of the homes, modern farmhouse style is both classic and comfortable, with light neutral colors, lots of natural light, and a warm, inviting feel. “Painted or stained shiplap is also very popular with our customers,” Nora adds.

  • Decorated tile

Another trend Nora is seeing is decorated cement tile. “Many people are using decorated tile in their home’s bathrooms, and for floors and fireplaces,” Nora explains. “These tiles are available in a variety of patterns and colors, and can add a dramatic focus to a room.”

  • Grey as a neutral.

Rather than the browns and beiges that used to be common in new homes, today people are more likely to ask for grey. “People want to use grey as a wall color, or even for tile, carpet, or other flooring,” Nora says. While she likes the look of this trend, Nora cautions that choosing the wrong shade of grey can make a home feel cold – just the opposite of what most people are trying to achieve. “Greys with blue undertones can feel cold,” she explains. “When one of our customers wants to use grey, I work with them and try to steer them toward a shade that will work as a neutral and still feel warm and inviting.”

  • The look of marble.

Options for having the look of marble without its fragility is a trend Nora embraces. “There’s no question that marble is beautiful,” Nora says, “but it’s also very delicate. For example, marble countertops will look amazing at first, but eventually they’re going to stain.”  A more durable option is quartz. “We do about 90% quartz counters in the homes we build,” Nora says. “there are some quartz options that have a similar look to marble and they’re available in several colors, but they stand up to daily use much better.” Another option for those who love the look of marble is to choose tile that simulates the look.

  • Dark appliances.

Dark appliances are a trend that is quickly gaining in popularity. More people are choosing black or even dark blue appliances, whether it’s due to their edgy look or the fact that they don’t show fingerprints as easily as stainless steel.

What’s your personal style?

Even though these five trends are making their way into more and more homes, Nora makes it clear that she will work with whatever style a customer prefers. “We really will do whatever our customers want,” she stresses. “Not everyone loves modern farmhouse, and that’s okay.” In fact, Nora says, it’s preferable.

“Imagine how boring life would be if everyone liked the same thing,” she says. “As homebuilders, the last thing we want is for every home in a community to look the same. I really enjoy designing new homes in a variety of styles. And it’s always fun to get to know our customers, hear what they’re looking for in a new home, and watch their faces light up when they see their vision come to life.”

Our family is here to help your family have the home of your dreams.

Ready to build a new home in Bryan-College Station? Have questions or ideas about how you want your new home to look? Give us a call – we love to help!