An experience tailored to your needs

Glenn and Melisa Finley did their homework before choosing RNL Homes to build their new home in Bryan’s Greenbrier.

“When we decided we wanted to get out of our smaller, 80s-style home, we went to the Parade of Homes and started researching builders in the area,” says Melisa. “We did that for 2 or 3 years, and then we started focusing on where we wanted to live.”

Given the long process the Finleys went through to find the right builder, Melisa admits she started to feel frustrated, wondering if they’d ever find the right fit. She says they even started considering resale houses.

“Then we visited Greenbrier. RNL was building their first model in the community, and the sales professional happened to be onsite.” Melisa and Glenn toured one of RNL’s homes and felt their luck had begun to change. “The home was the size I wanted, and I really liked the floor plan,” Melisa explains.

I just fell in love with them”

The next step for the Finleys was to meet with Ricardo and Nora. “I just fell in love with them,” Melisa says. “They’re such good people, and so honest.”

Melisa admits she’d heard plenty of horror stories about building a new home from friends who had worked with other builders. “We had a great experience with RNL Homes. The process was easy, and they were so willing to sit down with us and figure things out.”

One of the things that impressed Melisa most about working with RNL Homes was the team’s flexibility. “Not once did they say, ‘We can’t do that.’ They always looked for a way to give us what we wanted.”

As an example, when Melisa and Glenn saw the back deck for their home, they loved the tongue and groove ceiling. “We asked Luis if we could do the same thing in the front of our house. And his answer was, ‘Of course!’ They were so accommodating, and they were always asking, ‘Do you like it?’ as our house was being built. They were genuinely interested in making sure we loved everything about our new home.”

An experience tailored to your needs.

When it came time to choose the finishes and details for the interior of their home, Melisa asked design expert Nora to present her with only two or three options. “I know some people want to see everything, but for me that’s too overwhelming and time-consuming. I asked Nora to narrow it down for me.” Melisa says Nora took the time to understand her preferences and “did a great job”. 

“Some of the options Nora showed me were things I’d never have thought of, but I just loved them,” Melisa explains. “I love my kitchen and the accent-stained island. Nora’s suggestions really tied everything together beautifully.”

“I still love walking into my home.”

Melisa and Glenn have lived in their home for about 3 years, and still love it as much as the day they moved in.

“We came from an older, smaller home,” Melisa explains. “So having the open floor plan, and so much usable space, is a dream come true. I still love walking into my house.”

A pleasant surprise for the Finleys was the energy efficiency of their new home. “Since this home was so much larger – and we put in a pool – we were expecting our energy bills to be several hundreds more. That hasn’t been the case at all.”

Fall in love with your RNL Home

Are you ready for a stress-free homebuilding experience that’s tailored to you? Are you looking for a builder who both listens and communicates throughout the entire process? We’d love to show you why RNL Homes is the right choice for your new Bryan/College station home. Give us a call or stop by!