How to choose the right community in Bryan College Station

When building new homes in Bryan-College Station, the home’s location is just as important as the floor plan and interior finishes. If you have the perfect RNL Home, but it’s too far from work – or the community just isn’t the right fit – you won’t be happy.

Here are some questions to answer when choosing a community for your new home in Bryan-College Station.

  • How’s the commute? One of the great things about living in BCS is that we don’t have the volume of traffic you have to deal with in cities like Houston or Dallas. Even though you won’t be spending hours in traffic, you probably still have an idea of the maximum amount of time you want to spend driving to and from work each day.

    Our best tip for checking commute times is to do a test drive from communities you’re interested in to your place of employment at the time you’d usually drive to work. It’s a good idea to check the drive home, as well, since that can often get busy.
  • What’s close by? When we talk to people who are building a new RNL Home, the businesses they most often want nearby are grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment. Many grocery stores and restaurants deliver, but you may not want to pay the additional cost. And there are times when you want to choose your produce yourself, or get away for a relaxing meal.

    As far as entertainment goes, everyone’s idea of fun is different. Whether you like to spend your free time on the golf course, at the movies, or at the gym, you’ll want to be sure you have options within a reasonable distance of your new Bryan-College Station home.
  • Is the community walkable? This may not be one of the first considerations that comes to mind, but it’s an important factor when choosing a community. Are there walking trails or sidewalks? If you have a dog that needs to be walked every day, or children who will want to go to a friend’s house, having a safe, walkable neighborhood is vital.
  • How are the schools? For home buyers who have kids in school, the quality of the schools and their proximity to the community are two of the most important considerations when choosing where to build a new home.The quality of schools near your new home Bryan-College Station is important even if you don’t have school-age children, since it can impact the resale value of your new home.
  • What’s likely to happen with property taxes? If you’re considering a more established subdivision, check the average property taxes over the past few years to see how they’ve changed. With a newer community, home values increase as more homes are built – that’s a good thing! However, it’s possible that property taxes will increase as well, therefore it is important to look at historical values in the area to get a good estimate.
  • What’s the plan for the area around the community? Imagine passing on a community you love because it’s not close enough to a grocery store – then learning one is planned in a year or two.

    To find out what’s ahead for a community you’re considering, stop at the local planning office or go online. Information about future plans for Bryan can be found here. College Station’s Planning & Development Services office has information online as well. Learn about community and neighborhood planning here.

RNL Homes builds new homes in Bryan-College Station’s most desirable areas

RNL Homes takes all of these factors and more into consideration when choosing where to build new Bryan-College Station homes. We live here, too, so quality of schools, proximity to shopping, and future plans for the area are just as important to our families as they are to yours.

Still, every community has its own “personality” – and there may be a location that just feels like a good fit. When you’re ready to choose a community for your BCS new home, give us a call. We’ll be glad to share our insights on the different neighborhoods where we build. You can also start exploring our communities online.