The Personal Touch Makes All the Difference

When Helen and Fred Perrenot retired almost a year ago, they started searching for new homes in Bryan/College Station.

“We looked at several homes and neighborhoods,” Helen explains. “We happened to see an RNL Home that was in the process of being built, and just went, ‘Wow!’” The next step in building their new Bryan/College Station home was a visit with Ricardo.

RNL Homes always figured out how to make it work.

Helen was as impressed with the treatment she and Fred received at RNL Homes as she was with the home they built.

“I’ve never had an experience like this,” she says. “RNL Homes is always willing to do whatever they can to make things work.”

Helen and Fred began the process of building their new home in Bryan/College Station by looking at floor plans. “We knew we wanted something that was around 2500 sq. ft. with 4 bedrooms. We looked at everything that met our wish list, and went from there.”

Helen says the plan they chose also has a lot of windows, allowing for plenty of natural light. That was another item on their wish list.

It is a true custom experience!

When it was time to choose the features and finishes for their new home, Helen says, “We got to pick everything. It’s truly a custom experience!” She spent two full days with Nora, RNL’s design expert, looking at options and making selections. “It was a lot of fun,” Helen says. “Nora’s so good at what she does. We even went to a few suppliers to look at different options.”

When people drive by looking at homes, we invite them in!

Helen says she and Fred like living in Bryan’s Greenbrier community. “We live in a pocket where there are only two streets, like an enclave of its own,” she explains. Still, there’s plenty of interaction with neighbors – and even potential homebuyers.

“We sit out front in the evenings, and it’s a very friendly neighborhood,” Helen says. “People are out walking their dogs, and they stop to say hello. We also notice people driving by, looking at homes. We invite them in to see ours!”

Helen also appreciates that most of the Reyna family lives in Greenbrier. “The parents live just down the street. Luis and his wife recently moved into their new home. And Ricardo is building a home right behind Luis! The only one we’re missing is Nora.”

Helen says the fact that the family lives in a community with so many customers shows how confident they are in the quality of the homes they build. “Everyone knows they live there, and we can knock on their door anytime.”

Our home just feels good.

Helen and Fred have lived in their new home for about eight months. “It just feels good,” Helen says. “When our friends come over, they always make comments like, ‘Wow, I love this house – it’s so cool!’ The house is nice, the design is great, and the finishes are beautiful.”

Helen also likes the openness of the floor plan. “It just flows and works well,” she says.

The Perrenots also appreciate the energy efficiency of their new home. Even though their home has several large windows, it never gets hot. “We have shades, but they’re always up,” Helen says.” She also likes that their heating and AC unit automatically senses which is needed – heating or cooling.

It’s that personal touch.

When asked to describe her experience working with RNL Homes, Helen says, “They’re just such nice people. Ricardo is there to help you through the sale. Nora’ there for design, ad Luis is in the field making sure everything is done well and on time. I have all their phone numbers, and I know I could call any one of the Reyna family anytime. It’s that personal touch that makes such a difference.”

Experience the difference for yourself.

Are you looking for a home builder in Bryan/College Station? Stop by or give us a call. We hope you’ll experience the RNL difference for yourself.